Announcing: The Brantivist !!

IMG1432Welcome to The Brantivist !!

The Brantivist is an adventure in change, a trip through adaptation, and a journey into a future world that we can make better than the one we have today, for future generations.  The path will take us back to a better time, when we made better decisions than those that we see today, and forward, to a place where the knowledge of our predecessors will combine with advancements in our understanding of our impact on our surroundings, and create a world more habitable for humans as well as the ecosystems that sustain us.

The Brantivist focus is essentially on community.  Strong communities are healthy and vibrant, and each one of us has a role to play in supporting the communities in which we are a part.  While we all carry our own responsibilities, the load is lighter where we go forward together and value the input of everyone, whether it be perspective, work, or resources, that they have to contribute.  This is true socially, economically, and politically, and each of us bears a degree of responsibility to support our communities in all areas, to the point our individual roles call for.

The Brantivist perspective, geographically speaking, is looking out on the world from the region of Brantford and Brant County in Ontario, Canada, and will certainly contain a good deal of local content.  Also though, it will address the parallels and disconnects between the microcosms of our communities at home and the greater world around us, regionally, provincially, nationally, and on a global scale.  Over the coming days, weeks, and potentially years, we will share various perspectives on a variety of issues.  Some will be contentious while on others we will find people share a lot of common ground.  In all cases the goal will be to share information and varying perspectives, to develop as wide a consensus as possible.

Here is where you come in!!  Your contributions are essential to our shared successes!  You will be able to contribute through discussion on various social media platforms, supporting partner activities and campaigns, and generally providing your input to community development by groups and organizations that you find through this portal, or in which you already participate.  The leaders among us will continue to bring us together with or without The Brantivist.  The goal here is to help promote and in some cases facilitate that community-building, which is so important to as all.

So this is your invitation.  You are probably already engaged, and that’s likely why you are here.  Bring the rest of us along as you go out and try to make a better world for the next generation and those that follow.  In our community, like communities around the world, we have great things happening that deserve more attention, credit, and support than they currently receive.  Let’s all be good Brantivists and spread the word, spread the good, and grow our communities for a healthy and happy future.

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