The Brantivist: Day 3!!

No time like the present for an update!  If you’re as excited as I am to see this thing get going, you’re already becoming impatient.  Have no fear!  Some advances were made over the last couple of days and you might as well get a heads up on what has been happening.  As nice as it would be to get lots ofIMG2240 great content up right away, there are some other things to be taken care of as well.  The social media roll-outs have started, with the facebook page live on the first day, and @thebrantivist twitter account went up yesterday.  Like and/or follow the Brantivist to keep up with additions as they happen!  Today, the Brantivist Calendar was posted! The calendar is a listing of events and dates of note to the Brantivist community.  Suggestions are welcome, and for now you can send a heads up for your event on twitter or facebook.  Other contact methods will be added soon.  Meanwhile, send your Brantivist friends to our social media accounts so they can stay up to date, too!  Happy Sunday, Brantivists!  Enjoy the sunshine!


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