City of Brantford supports Mohawk Lake Project

The Brantford City Council Committee of the Whole – Community Services, has passed a motion put forward by Councillor Richard Carpenter, to approve spending of up to $6500, for the Mohawk Lake Working Group.

On Monday evening, Barry English presented as delegation for the Working Group, and briefed the committee on the work done to date.  Councillors heard that the working group is working to generate community excitement for the project, building from the tag line “Bringing yesterday back to tomorrow”.

The group has a web site up live at  On the site, visitors can share their stories, photos, and ideas, as well as find history of the lake and updates on the project.

A series of Visioning Workshops has been scheduled for community participation in planning.  The workshops start Tuesday May 5, with the first being held at the Mohawk Lake Pavilion, 51 Lynwood Drive in Brantford (Mohawk Park).  The second is May 7 at Woodland Cultural Centre, 184 Mohawk Street, Brantford, and the third is at the Six Nations Tourism Building, 2498 Chiefswood Road, Oshweken on May 14th.  These three workshops will run from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The Mohawk Lake Working Group has operated without a budget to date.  The funds will provide for visioning exercises and advertising for meetings.

In addition to the web site, the Mohawk Lake Project has presence on social media to engage you.  The facebook page is at, and on twitter you can look up @CleanTheLake.

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