Brantford: Town Hall on Hydro Privatization May 9 at 1pm

Town Hall on Hydro Privatization

This letter came in from Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath on the upcoming Town Hall on Hydro in Brantford on May 9
Although the timing conflicts with the Grand River Environmental Group’s Environmental Festival, this event doesn’t start until 1 p.m., so one could volunteer for the morning clean up and BBQ lunch and still attend this meeting afterwards.  You would have to leave the festival while the bands still play on.

Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government may not want to hear what you have to say about her planned fire sale of Ontario’s hydro system – but I do.

Please join me on Saturday May 9th in Brantford.

We will be hosting a town hall meeting to hear from you – not high-prices Liberal consultants – to hear about your concerns about Kathleen Wynne’s hydro sell-off will affect you and your family.

When: Saturday, ‎May 9th 20151:00pm
Where: East Auditorium, Brantford Public Library, 173 Colborne St.

Click HERE for a map.

Please RSVP to our facebook invite to confirm your attendance.

Privatizing Hydro will make electricity rates skyrocket – just like auto insurance rates – and with the private sector in control there will be no public oversight and no accountability.

Wynne’s plan to sell off Hydro is wrong for Ontario families, it’s wrong for small business and it’s wrong for our children who will be left paying the price.

I want you to join us on May 9th so we can shine a light on what this plan will really cost Ontario families and tell Kathleen Wynne to keep our hydro system public.

I hope to see you on May 9th, also please add your voice to the tens of thousands of others helping to send Kathleen Wynne a message –

Andrea Horwath

Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats

If you oppose Hydro privatization, this is a great opportunity to share your views with others in the community.

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