Meeting TONIGHT on the future of Onondaga Hall

The Langford Conservancy is reaching out once again for support in their bid to take over Onondaga Hall, also referred to as the Onondaga Community Center (map).  The County has identified the property as surplus, and the Conservancy has offered for quite some time to assume stewardship of the property, and maintain it as a community facility for the area.  For the past number of months they have faced opposition.  The reason for this is unclear, but the Langford Conservancy perserveres, and can succeed with our help.  Todays message from the Conservancy follows.

Help Protect Rural Heritage, and Save Onondaga Hall

Keep it in community hands

Please come tonight and speak up.

7:00 pm,

Onondaga Community Hall,

42 Front St., Onondaga

The Langford Conservancy is asking the County to do what they’ve done in Langford and St. George and transfer the hall to a registered not for profit that will continue to operate the hall for the community.

The Brant County Heritage Committee would like to see the hall designated as a heritage building.

Brant County instructed its staff to negotiate the transfer of the hall to the Langford Conservancy in February but now there is pressure to demolish it or sell the community hall for private use. We have until June to convince Council not to demolish the building or sell it off.

Please come and see the beautiful hall tonight and support efforts to

  • to keep the hall in community hands, and
  • ensure that the hall is not demolished and
  • not sold off for private use.

Thanks everyone for all of your support.

Langford Conservancy


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