Back to The Brantivist

Today marks fully six months since I finally got this Brantivist idea started.  It was probably at least two years in planning (not procrastinating, lol)  and in May this year I finally jumped in and started blogging The Brantivist.  Well I wasn’t as ready as I had thought.  I underestimated the time I had already been investing in activism, advocacy, and participation, as well as the impact another commitment was going to have on my available time.  This all taking priority over a new initiative such as the Brantivist.  So when push came to shove, by summertime, I simply could not prioritize writing over the many important things I had involved myself with, while adding a huge time commitment to my schedule.  Fortunately, I have been able to get all that somewhat balanced out in reasonably short order, and expect to be able to update on a more regular basis from here on.

If you’ve continued to get the Brantivist posts on the facebook page or on twitter, you know I’ve been keeping up with local and wider issues, and tried to share important information as I have been able (Thanks for following along).  The reason I started The Brantivist, though, was to provide a central point through which to provide information for friends and others, without the need for participating in social media.  So it’s important to me that I get back to updating this site as regularly as I am able.  It appears as though I’ll be able to do that on at least a semi-regular basis at this point, and I’m committing to working on doing so as often as I can.

Some of you have continued to keep me updated with what your organization has been up to, and issues that have been generating buzz in your networks.  Thank you, and please keep sending updates, and especially dates of note for the Brantivist calendar.  I feel that it is so important that we work together to avoid scheduling conflicts as much as possible, as well as provide mutual support for the causes we each carry banners for.  Updates, information, and post submissions can be sent to if you can’t contact me directly.

Thanks again for your patience and support.  It may have been a rough start so far, but I created The Brantivist for the long term.  I truly believe a new world is possible, and the best time to start creating it is always right now.  See you again soon!


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