County of Brant moves to support the CCOB

The Expositor has published a couple of good articles recently regarding Dufferin Aggregates’ Permit To Take Water and Environmental Compliance Approval, both of which were approved last week by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, and the CCOB’s successful lobbying to have the municipality more strongly express its concerns with the ECA application.  The article linked below, though, provides a very good overview of where all the players currently stand, in this epic stand-off.

The CCOB is at a crucial point in the effort to protect the water supply for the Town of Paris.  With no mechanism available at this point to challenge the license to extract the gravel, which is actually the biggest threat (think water filter jug with nothing inside the filter case), the PTTW and ECA provide opportunity to influence the province to require adequate testing and show that activities at the site will not be a risk to the source water at the same location.  The MOECC has now approved those instruments, so the opportunity arises to seek leave to appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal.  The CCOB has indicated that they will be seeking leave, and the County has moved to take the same route.  This is incredibly good news, as appeals tend to be much more successful with the municipality on board.

The Concerned Citizens of Brant have been working towards this point for over three years so far.  The community has been largely supportive, and helped a great deal with support in the form of attendance at meetings, rallies, and other events, letter writing to decision makers at the local and provincial levels, financial contributions, and many others.  The executive and core group have repeatedly expressed their gratitude for the help and trust of the community in their efforts to protect the water for the Town.  But the fact of the matter is, this appeal is going to cost a fair bit.

The CCOB will soon be releasing their (now annual) calendar for fundraising.  At a still extremely reasonable price we will be able to procure a beautiful calendar from the CCOB and support the cause, and word is that this year’s edition will be even better yet again than the last.  Certainly we should help promote this campaign and push to have the best sales numbers that the CCOB has yet seen.  It’s a win-win, in that the CCOB gains funds to prepare the best they can for the appeal, and donors get a beautiful calendar to enjoy all year long.

Let’s be clear, though.  While it’s been a long road up until now, the goal is still a ways ahead.  Projected calendar sales are reportedly quite good, and that will help quite a bit.  But expert support and testimony is expensive, and tends to be the bulk of the cost.  CCOB is represented by CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association), which helps to keep costs down, but the Concerned Citizens of Brant will be incurring some hefty bills.  Any financial support that can be gained at this point will have a direct positive impact on the chances of success at appeal, and that is something any donor would be able to feel good about.  Anyone who feels that this is an important cause to get behind, would be well advised to make an extra donation when they are picking up their calendar(s).

Don’t forget to check out the article linked below.  Michael-Allan Marion provides excellent context for the situation as it currently stands.

Source: Councillors backing citizen group’s appeal bid | Brantford Expositor

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