CCOB’s Paris Appeal Continues into 2017


The Concerned Citizen’s Of Brant appeal of the PTTW and ECA for CRH’s (formerly Dufferin Aggregates) gravel pit, on Watts Pond Road in Paris, continues into 2017 in front of the Environmental Review Tribunal at Brant County Council chambers.  The CCOB posted a schedule image to facebook to let us know when we could attend in support.

Source: Concerned Citizens of Brant’s Tribunal Schedule on facebook


Concerned Citizens of Brant Call Out for Support

The Concerned Citizens of Brant need our help

The Concerned Citizens of Brant (CCOB) in Paris are looking for support in the form of comments on a provincial posting on the Environmental Registry.

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Brantford March Against Monsanto 2015

The media release has been posted for the Brantford March Against Monsanto, May 23rd.

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For immediate release:

WORLDWIDE – On May 23, 2015, hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals will gather across 38 countries and 428 cities to join in peaceful protest against the Monsanto Company as a part of the March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign. This movement seeks to raise awareness to the dangers surrounding Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds and cancer-linked herbicide Roundup.

The campaign comes as the demand for GMO labeling and non-GMO food alternatives continues its exponential climb, with states like Vermont enacting mandatory GM labeling legislation that will require food corporations to let consumers know if their products contain GM ingredients.

In polls conducted by the New York Times, Washington Post, Consumer Reports, and many others, over 90% of respondents were in support of national GMO labeling – an initiative that has been defeated time and time again at the state level thanks to heavy spending by Monsanto-backed lobbying groups.

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Meeting TONIGHT on the future of Onondaga Hall

The Langford Conservancy is reaching out once again for support in their bid to take over Onondaga Hall, also referred to as the Onondaga Community Center (map).  The County has identified the property as surplus, and the Conservancy has offered for quite some time to assume stewardship of the property, and maintain it as a community facility for the area.  For the past number of months they have faced opposition.  The reason for this is unclear, but the Langford Conservancy perserveres, and can succeed with our help. Continue reading

Brantford Greenbelt Town Hall

Pics are posted on The Brantivist facebook page from the Brantford town hall.  It was a fantastic event, and we can only hope that the review incorporates many of the great ideas brought up by community members.  There will be a workshop hosted by the Langford Conservancy tonight and each Wednesday in May, to help those who want assistance with making their comments to the province on the plan.  Comments are being accepted from the public until the end of May.

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Brantford: Town Hall on Hydro Privatization May 9 at 1pm

Town Hall on Hydro Privatization

This letter came in from Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath on the upcoming Town Hall on Hydro in Brantford on May 9
Although the timing conflicts with the Grand River Environmental Group’s Environmental Festival, this event doesn’t start until 1 p.m., so one could volunteer for the morning clean up and BBQ lunch and still attend this meeting afterwards.  You would have to leave the festival while the bands still play on.

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