Who is developing the Paris Golf Course?

I haven’t posted an entry for quite some time, but a local issue came up that needed some research.  I believe my findings to be worth sharing.  As you may have heard, the property where the Paris golf course sits is slated for development.  A plan for 400 residential units has ballooned to 800 units, raising concerns for dozens of locals.  In the interest of public accountability, I decided to find out who was behind this scheme. Continue reading


Three Community Garden Installs This Weekend!

Equal Ground Community GardensThree new Community Gardens are being installed this weekend in Brantford, and you’re invited to help out!  Your time investment will probably be an hour and a half to two hours, and well spent.

Saturday June 6

10 a.m. – Cedarland Park  (Cedarland Drive is off of Dunsdon St.)

  3 p.m. – Buck Park (Spring Street)

Sunday June 7

11 a.m. – City View Park  (McMurray Street)

Hope to see you this weekend!

UPDATE!:  Cedarland Park has been postponed

Truck Hits Niagara Street Train Bridge

Truck hits Train Bridge on Niagara Street

Here’s a new take on Rail Safety

Niagara Street in Brantford was closed for a short while this morning just before noon, after a truck driver misjudged the height of his vehicle and slammed into the CN Rail bridge.

No one is believed to have been injured in the incident, but police, Brantford traffic services, CN, and a large tow truck attended, to safely unwedge the vehicle from under the bridge. Continue reading

The Brantivist: Day 3!!

No time like the present for an update!  If you’re as excited as I am to see this thing get going, you’re already becoming impatient.  Have no fear!  Some advances were made over the last couple of days and you might as well get a heads up on what has been happening.  As nice as it would be to get lots ofIMG2240 great content up right away, there are some other things to be taken care of as well.  The social media roll-outs have started, with the facebook page live on the first day, and @thebrantivist twitter account went up yesterday.  Like and/or follow the Brantivist to keep up with additions as they happen!  Today, the Brantivist Calendar was posted! The calendar is a listing of events and dates of note to the Brantivist community.  Suggestions are welcome, and for now you can send a heads up for your event on twitter or facebook.  Other contact methods will be added soon.  Meanwhile, send your Brantivist friends to our social media accounts so they can stay up to date, too!  Happy Sunday, Brantivists!  Enjoy the sunshine!

Announcing: The Brantivist !!

IMG1432Welcome to The Brantivist !!

The Brantivist is an adventure in change, a trip through adaptation, and a journey into a future world that we can make better than the one we have today, for future generations.  The path will take us back to a better time, when we made better decisions than those that we see today, and forward, to a place where the knowledge of our predecessors will combine with advancements in our understanding of our impact on our surroundings, and create a world more habitable for humans as well as the ecosystems that sustain us.

The Brantivist focus is essentially on community.  Strong communities are healthy and vibrant, and each one of us has a role to play in supporting the communities in which we are a part.  While we all carry our own responsibilities, the load is lighter where we go forward together and value the input of everyone, whether it be perspective, work, or resources, that they have to contribute.  This is true socially, economically, and politically, and each of us bears a degree of responsibility to support our communities in all areas, to the point our individual roles call for. Continue reading